The Estate at Smugglers Cove

An unmatched perch from which to enjoy breathtaking Puget Sound.


Once in a great while, a property comes to market that combines a location of profound natural beauty with such cohesive design, masterful construction and artisanal detail that it may legitimately be called a masterpiece. The estate at Smuggler’s Cove is the definition of just such a place.

Comprising 22 acres of exquisitely integrated high bank waterfront, the estate at Smuggler’s Cove represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire a property of remarkable grace, privacy and beauty. It is the product of a meticulous design and construction process, as well as the dedication of its master gardener owners, and their ongoing stewardship. The property has been featured in multiple books and articles as an example of Pacific Northwest garden design at its best, and its main house and various associated buildings stand as testament to the builders’ art. This is an enclave of rare proportion, position and quality that still manages to live as an enveloping and welcoming family home, while creating an unmatched perch from which to enjoy the breathtaking surrounding nature of Whidbey Island and Puget Sound.

Located directly above the historic Smuggler’s Cove on the West side of Whidbey Island, the property includes 275 feet of high bank waterfront arranged within a 22 acre private park set into its pristine evergreen forest surroundings. The estate is bounded by DNR land to the North which provides added tranquility, and it features a historic road that leads all the way down to a private beach and lagoon. The views from the main house are simply spectacular, offering outlooks over the Admiralty Inlet defined by Whidbey Island to the East and Port Townsend and Marrowstone Island to the West, with an endless parade of marine traffic passing by on a daily basis. The residence is a wildlife lover’s dream, home to nesting eagles, deer, seals, otters and orca pods that are a daily part of life in this delightful natural oasis.

Accessed via a private loop road that winds its way through a groomed, but largely undisturbed native forest, the estate includes numerous unique gardens, ponds and points of interest, with an expansive main house nearest to the water, and a studio, guest house and fully finished utility structure carefully arranged along its perimeter. Ancient fallen trees and stumps are treated as sculptural elements, while a series of hiking trails weave throughout the property to facilitate daily wanderings. Elegantly conceived gardens of native species reticulate out from each structure, moving seamlessly from edited formality to untouched nature for an aesthetic that feels absolutely organic to the home’s surroundings.


Property Highlights

4 Bedrooms

4 Bathrooms

5,334 Square Feet

22 Acres

275 Feet High-Bank Waterfront

Gated Entry

1-Bedroom Craftsman Bungalow Guest House

Studio with Bathroom and Stone Fireplace

Oversized Garage



3962 Smugglers Cove Road
Greenbank, Washington



Offered at $5,950,000

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The estate at Smuggler’s Cove is unlike anything else currently on offer. It offers a sense of authenticity and history that feels almost ancient in its flawless execution and permanence, with a collection of buildings that are rare in their rightness of scale and design integrity.

The estate’s gardens and native surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful, yet easy to live amidst on a daily basis, and the property’s inclusion of its natural ecosystem into its conception ensures a manageable level of maintenance for such an awe-inspiring place.

With easy access to the mainland and major urban centers, this estate presents a perfect balance between unassailable tranquility and metropolitan amenities and convenience. It would be virtually impossible to replicate at anything near its asking price in today’s competitive construction market, and it is doubtful that a team of such skill could even be assembled. Ironically, the proximity to mainland that makes Whidbey Island such an attractive place to call home helps keep its values down in comparison to similar properties located in the far less accessible San Juan Islands, making Smuggler’s Cove something of a rare bargain.

For those who value unspoiled nature, an engaged solitude and timeless design, the estate at Smuggler’s Cover presents the opportunity of a lifetime to acquire something truly singular and lasting.